Mehrsajjad Culture Institute (MCI)

Mehrsajjad Culture Institute (MCI) was Founded and officially registered by Dr.Bagher Saeed Modaghegh in Mashhad, . This institute received its licence from Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance to operate in cultural and art fields and its main aims include improving and reviving activities regarding culture, publication, educateion, art, cinema and advertisement and providing educational, Cultural, and consultancy services.
As learning foreign languages is integral to international relations and also communication of information in different fields, MCI managers decided to choose teaching foreign languages (English and French) as their main line of activity. MCI has also been active in other fields, Such as Publications, Organising scientific and art seminars, translation and interpretation services, and various other cultural and educational fields ever since its foundation. We are proud to announce that MCI has consistently been rated as one of the best foreign languages service providers in Mashhad by its clients.